LCPA Board of Directors
Meeting Minutes

The Lancaster County Pharmacists Association is an organization consisting of pharmacists, technicians, pharmacy students, and others dedicated to promoting the profession of pharmacy and advocating for our patients. 
We advocate for our profession on a legislative level, and we stay active in the community by participating in local events and in offering scholarships for pharmacy students. 
LCPA is proud to announce that we are now affiliated with the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association! We have joined 3 other regions in our state in becoming partners with our state organization. 
Our Mission

The Mission of the Association is "to unite all reputable pharmacists of Lancaster County for the purpose of creating a better understanding among themselves and their peers, and thereby further the enhancement of, the Arts of Pharmacy and Science to the mutual benefits, to protect and promote their general welfare as well as that of their fellowman." 

Our History

LCPA began in 1882 as the Lancaster County Pharmaceutical Association, and was possibly the first county pharmacy association in Pennsylvania. Now with over 100 members, LCPA continues to be a voice for pharmacy as well as a voice for our patients in Lancaster. Click the link at the bottom left for a historical account of early happenings of the association (please note that the last page does cut off abruptly - we are working on obtaining the remainder of the document).

LCPA Board of Directors

LCPA Has a Board of Directors Consisting of 8 Members. 

The LCPA Board meets once monthly; typically during the last week of the month. Any LCPA member is able to sit in on these meetings. Please contact us if you would like to sit in on a meeting or are interested in being more involved in LCPA by serving as an LCPA Board Member. We look forward to hearing from you!


2021-2022 Board Members:


Chairman of the Board

Todd Grove


Kelly White


Emalee Hribick


Jay Rhodes



Shaina Kulp

Board Members-at-Large
Robert Kayden

Denise Alexander



2018-2019 Board of Directors