Addressing the Opioid Crisis 

Lancaster Pharmacists are on the front lines of the opioid crisis that is occurring in our communities. LCPA urges pharmacists to be aware of the signs and symptoms of dependence and to encourage their patients to get help. You could help save a patient's life.

Prevention is also key. The Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association has created Opioid Dispensing Guidelines in collaboration with the PA Department of Health. This tool can be used as a guide to determine appropriateness and safety of dispensing opioid pain medication. Visit PPA's Drug Resource Center for more information by clicking here.

LCPA in conjunction with the South Central PA Opioid Coalition has drafted a letter to providers that can be used to communicate with them regarding the appropriateness of controlled substance prescribing. Please click below to download the letter template that can used at your pharmacy to communicate with prescribers.


Pharmacies are now allowed to dispense naloxone to patients and their families via a standing order signed by the PA Physician General. First responders now typically carry naloxone to administer in an emergency overdose situation, which started after state lawmakers passed Act 139 of 2014. These measures help to curb the deaths from overdose, but these patients still need our help.


Free online training on Opioid Overdose Prevention, Recognition, and Response:

South Central PA Opioid Awareness Coalition

How to Administer Naloxone and respond to an Opioid Overdose

Safe Disposal of Medications:  What You Should Know

Find a Drug Take-back Box in Your Community AND List of Police Departments with Drug Take-Back Boxes

LCPA Student Scholarships



Each year, LCPA and its partners in the county team up to award several students scholarships for the school year. The scholarships are based on academics, financial need, and overall character. If you're a pharmacy student from Lancaster County, you may be eligible for this scholarship. For more information, click the link to the right. Download an application and send it in!


Applications should be emailed to Bob Kayden at by April 30th. Students are not limited in the number of years they can apply for and win these scholarships. Please consider applying for next year's LCPA Scholarships!

Thank you to those who make these awards possible!

Gerald and Suzanne Ganse Family Foundation

Mrs. Donald DeLong

The Wiley Families

Bob and Coleen Kayden

Werner and Mary Clayre Ortmann

Ted Search and Family
P.J. Ortmann and Family



LCPA Science Fair Awards


LCPA sponsors two awards for participants in the North Museum Science & Engineering Fair held yearly in Lancaster, PA. Awards are given for one student in the Junior Division and one student in the Senior Division whose research is related to pharmacy and health sciences and demonstrates academic excellence. 


Our 2021 LCPA Award Winners: 

Junior Award Winner:  Leah Brighter of Saint Leo the Great School

Senior Award Winner:  Lexi Harnly of Warwick High School

Congratulations to our award winners for this year and past years! 

LCPA Members at the Science Fair, March 2019

Poison Prevention Week 

3rd week of March every Year


Make sure that all of your poisonous household substances, including medications, are kept in a safe place and away from children and pets.


Click below for more information and safety tips for poison prevention. If you need help from a local poison expert at any time, call the Poison Prevention Hotline at 1-800-222-1222. 

Earth 2 E-Town Event

LCPA participated in the first Earth 2 E-town event in April 2021! LCPA members were on hand at the event to answer questions and encourage safe drug disposal. 


"Earth 2 E-Town is a full-day festival to celebrate and encourage environmental education, positive impact, and fun for the whole community." We look forward to being present at this event in the future! 

Check out their Facebook page here.

LCPA Past Scholarship Recipients


LCPA awarded scholarships to 7 pharmacy students in 2021. Congratulations!!

Hanna Lefebo (P4, Maryland) - Charles Bonadio Award

Carolyn Shaker (P3, Temple) - Wiley's Pharmacy Award 

Andrew La (P4, Pitt) - David J. Ference Award

Lina Kha Linh Le (P3, Wilkes) - The Ortmann Family Award

Jasmeen Kaur (P4, USciences) - The Search Family Award

Carissa J. Hickey (P2, Temple -  Donald DeLong Award

Rebekah Meyers (P4, Duquesne) - LCPA Award

LCPA awarded scholarships to 6 pharmacy students in 2020. Congratulations!!

Carolyn Shaker (P2, Temple) - Charles Bonadio Award

Brooke Witmer (P4, USciences) - Wiley's Pharmacy Award 

Ashley Sargent (P4, Jefferson) - David J. Ference Award

Andrew La (P3, Pitt) - The Ortmann Family Award

Rebekah Meyers (P3, Duquesne) - The Search Family Award

Hanna Lefebo (P3, Temple -  Donald DeLong Award

LCPA awarded scholarships to 7 pharmacy students in 2019. Congratulations!!

Ashley Sargent (P3, Jefferson) - LCPA Award

Joseph Weidman (P4, Pitt) - Charles Bonadio Award

Dylan Fox (P4, Wilkes) - Wiley's Pharmacy Award 

Mai Le (P4, Temple) - David J. Ference Award

Allison Kachel (P4, Duquesne) - The Ortmann Family Award

Ashley Maurizi (P4, Jefferson) - The Search Family Award

Andrew La (P2, Pitt) -  Donald DeLong Award

LCPA awarded scholarships to 7 pharmacy students in 2018. Congratulations!!


Amanda Gingrich (P4, Wilkes) - The Search Family Award

Brianna Brown (P4, Jefferson) - Royer Pharmacy Award

Allison Kachel (P3, Duquesne) - Wiley's Pharmacy Award 

Fiona Mai (P4, Jefferson) - David J. Ference Award

Ashley Sargent (P2, Jefferson) - The Ortmann Family Award

Dylan Fox (P3, Wilkes) - Charles Bonadio Award

Molly Stott (P2, Rhode Island) -  Donald DeLong Award

LCPA awarded scholarships to 9 pharmacy students in 2017. Congratulations!!

Brianna Heikkinen (P3, Jefferson) - LCPA Award

Tiffani Tran (P4, Temple) - Charles Bonadio Award

Tatyana Kolyesnik (P4, Temple) - Donald DeLong Award

Himayapsill Batista (P3, Wilkes) - Wiley's Pharmacy Award

Allison Kachel (P2, Duquesne) - Royer Pharmacy Award

Brittani Tran (P4, Temple) - David J. Ference Award

Molly Walter (P4, USciences) - Williams Apothecary Award

Fiona Mai (P3, Jefferson) - The Ortmann Family Award

Amanda Gingrich (P3, Wilkes) - The Search Family Award

LCPA awarded scholarships to 9 pharmacy students in 2016. Congratulations!!

Todd Grove (P4, Wilkes) - LCPA Award

Hunter Busansky (P4, Pitt) - Charles Bonadio Award

Alexis Stinson (P4, Jefferson) - Donald DeLong Award

Ailey Pestcoe (P3, LECOM) - Wiley's Pharmacy Award

Nicole Persun (P4, Shenandoah) - Royer Pharmacy Award

Dustin Lee (P2, Jefferson) - David J. Ference Award

Brittani Tran (P3, Temple) - Williams Apothecary Award

Brianna Heikkinen (P2, Jefferson) - The Ortmann Family Award

Molly Walter (P3, USciences) - The Search Family Award


LCPA awarded scholarships to 10 pharmacy students in 2015. Congratulations!

Hunter Busansky (P3, Pitt) - LCPA Award

Georgina Waldman (P3, Pitt) - LCPA Award

Randy Meng (P4, Temple) - Charles Bonadio Award

Valerie Nolt (P4, Pitt) - Donald DeLong Award

Nicole Persun (P3, Shenandoah) - Wiley's Pharmacy Award

Nermeen Shaker (P4, Temple) - Royer Pharmacy Award

Todd Grove (P3, Wilkes) - David J. Ference Award

Tristram Ford (P3, Wilkes) - Williams Apothecary Award

Betsy Smith (P3, Pitt) - The Ortmann Family Award

Brittani Tran (P2, Temple) - The Search Family Award

Photos from past picnic-style scholarship interview & networking events